Hi! I am so glad you joined me in this space where I work daily to pursue the Art of Simple Living.  I can tell you that I am not perfect at it or that I have it all figured out.  You can pretty well guarantee I don’t but what I can tell you is that I’m learning and growing every day in learning how to live simply.  My definition of that may not be your definition and that’s ok.  Here is where you will find how I define that journey and I welcome you to travel it with me as you find your own way.

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I loved this. It is so true, we only have a certain number of yes’s that we can realistically give. Thanks for the encouragement to really think about what I say yes to in my life.

Kali@Joy For Each Step

What a fantastic idea! I am a home canner and have so many mason jars around here, and never knew about these lids. I am going to have to get my hands on them soon!

Karla@Small Town Rambler

I agree. This year will be our first year doing charity work as a family. There are some great organizations in DC. You can also do it from your home by putting boxes together for soldiers in the military or poor children abroad. It’s a beautiful concept to teach our children!

Danielle@ Typed

These are great ideas! My small group at church was trying to think of service projects we could do and I think a lot of these would be fun!

Liz@ I Heart Vegtables

Working here on the clutter, and getting rid of stuff I’ve held on to for too long. Finding so much freedom in throwing things away or giving things away. Your post reminded me of the book I’m reading: “The Magic Art of Tidying”. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it.


“Each time I finished an area – no matter how small – it fueled me for tackling the next spot. ”  That is so true. It really does give more motivation when you see your achievements.  Like you, I have been working towards getting rid of the paper clutter with a paperless system. It is amazing how much paper you accumulate – and so much can be filed away electronically now.


What a wonderful reminder! We live in the country and only have one neighbor, but it reminded me that I need to put more effort into being a good neighbor to them. Thanks for sharing this.

Tracy@Our Simple Homestead.com

I love this idea, Victoria! It’s so important to reach out to our neighbors… and you are so right- when we clear our busy lives and make the room to prioritize the important things, like this… our daily living becomes more intentional.

Chris@The Mom Cafe.com

Great words. Thanks! I just cut back on some things that I thought I HAD to do. It is freeing. I’d rather enjoy the little things in life than be busy all the time.

Heather@Never Lacking Zeal.com

Loved this! I’m heading out tomorrow (Friday) with my old high school girl friends, and I do mean “old.” We’re all in our early 60’s. We’re taking a few days off for hiking up at Lake Tahoe and laughing in small cafes. I’m sure my husband will survive, and I know these kinds of adventures add to our marriage and to my self care.