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Let me just say right out of the gate…we all know that relationships are anything but simple most days.  They are complex, difficult and all together hard to understand even on a good day.

I am not going to assume for a minute that our relationships with each other are perfect, easy or blissful.  I am not going to assume that your family relationships are strong or even whole, because we know that in this day and age that families are split and friendships are struggling.

It’s the nature of relationship because we are human and prone to selfishness, bad days and less than perfect behavior.

In my own family there are days that I would like to be anywhere but with my kids or my husband.  I love them, but honestly, I don’t always like them.

However, one of our goals as a family, as we work to simplify our lives, is that we would actually foster strong relationships with one another, our extended family and our friends.

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But to do that takes some intentional action.


So here are 5 simple ways that our family works at building relationship:

  • Game Night – Our family enjoys doing puzzles and board games.  Some of our favorites: Monopoly, Dutch Blitz, Banana Grahams, Scrabble, Life, and various card games.
  • Eat Together– We really enjoy having family and friends in our home.  It takes being intentional, but there is nothing like gathering around the table to help foster relationship.  I try to remember that it doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal – sometimes simple is best.
  • Talk to each Other(minus the electronics) – This might sound obvious, but the point here is to be completely present in the conversation.  That means no technology and no TV.  Often my husband and I will take a long walk around the farm or down at the local walking trail.  It doesn’t cost anything and helps us connect with one another as the day ends.
  • Serve together – There is nothing that builds relationship faster than serving together.  It can be a service project, helping at the local food bank or serving a neighbor.
  • Travel/trips – We love to camp as a family and with friends.  For me there is nothing better than sitting around the campfire talking, laughing and building memories.

What would you add to the list? What has worked for you as you pursue simple relationship with others?

Keeping It Simple,


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