About Victoria

About Victoria: 

For much of my professional life, I have been a bookkeeper and office administrator for various companies.  Seven of those years were spent owning and assisting my husband Brian in running a remodeling company in Virginia.  I was in charge of Bookkeeping, Office management and Marketing.  In 2009 we closed our company due to market conditions and the severe downturn in the housing market at that time.

In 2013 I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Counseling from Liberty University.  Then, in 2014 I left the world of bookkeeping and accounting to pursue writing full time.  I accepted a job with Liberty University as a full time staff writer/blogger.

One year later, in the summer of 2015, our family relocated to be closer to our families and while that meant leaving a great 9-5 job we knew it is where we needed to be.

Today I am an entrepreneur and along with my husband, run Bear Creek Enterprises and Bear Creek Creative & Salvage .  While my husband manages the construction side of our company, I manage the creative side of our company that takes salvaged items, destined for the landfill, and breathes new life into them.  In this way we are able to up-cycle items and re-sell them to the residential and commercial markets for further use.

My Family:

Mininger family croppedI meet my husband Brian, in High School.  We were both pretty headstrong back then (and still can be).  God needed to do some work on our hearts before He brought us together.  The year following high school our paths crossed once again.  We were married in 1996 and in 1998 we welcomed our first daughter.   We now have four daughters and have been married 19 years.  It’s been an amazing journey, some of it wonderful and some of it heart wrenching difficult, as life can be.  Through it all, I am blessed to have my family beside me to travel this life together.

We are also a homeschooling family.  However, our journey in homeschooling did not start until the middle school years.  And while we have appreciated their public school education over the years, we have found that homeschooling works best for our family and the lifestyle we choose to pursue today.

Together we enjoy hiking, camping, gardening and time around the dinner table.  Personally I love to Snowboard, go Mt. Biking with my husband, Trail & Road Run with my daughters and hope to one day own my own Harley.  For now, dirt bikes and four wheelers will have to do.

Life is an adventure…might as well get out there and live it.

Why we Pursue a Simplified Life: 

We are truly an ordinary family.  But after many  years of pursuing the American dream, (without really knowing it) we are choosing a different path.  A path that allows us to break free from the overwhelm and truly live out our purpose, passion and dreams – individually and as a family.  You can read more about My personally journey to breaking free Here.


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