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Full Disclosure:

In the interest of full disclosure some of the links provided on my site are affiliate links.  What does that mean?  If you purchase through those links I earn a small commission.  It’s not enough to get rich off of, but it does allow me to off-set the cost of running Simplified Life.  I appreciate your support in enabling me to continue to create great content to help you focus on what really matters.

That being said, I will never attempt to “sell” you anything.  I will, however, post resources and products that I perceive to be good, useful and a possible value to my readers. It will be up to you if you will choose to use or purchase them.

I believe in honesty much more than money, so you can be assured that I will do the best I can to recommend things that I believe in, have personally reviewed and and use myself.   You will always have my honest opinion about the resources and products featured on Simplified Life.

For those products that are food, health and/or beauty related: I am not a medical professional and therefore will not give out medical advice as it pertains to these products.  It is the responsibility of the reader to evaluate for themselves the product and to use their discretion about such product before using it.

Also, please be aware that referral and affiliate links inherently carry the possibility of cookies and/or other means of tracking, which Simplified Life has not control over.  For further information regarding privacy, please see my Privacy Policy here.

Affiliate Programs:

For ease of use and to keep post from becoming cluttered, I have included an affiliate disclosure list here for your benefit and information.

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