Why A Simplified Life: My Story


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Why a Simplified Life

My Story

People often assume that leading a simplified life means buying 10 acres, running a farm, living off the land and being as “organic” as possible.

And it can mean those things.  We’ve done the 10 acres, the farm and the living off the land thing.  I grew up on a farm and it really gets in your blood.  I love to farm and grow a garden. I love to can and find ways to eat and live as healthy as possible.

But that’s not why I write about a simplified life.  Sure, I share abut de-cluttering our stuff, ways to get your kids and spouse on board and the value of living with less so that you can embrace life more.

In transparency and all honesty, I live a Simplified Life because a few years ago my Overwhelmed life caught up to me and cost me a lot of things; among those things, my relationships, my health and my peace.

You see, I’m a recovering people-pleaser and over-achiever.  As many people do, I said “Yes” to a lot of good things but I allowed myself no margin.  The things I was involved in were good and I didn’t want to let anyone down, especially myself.  But in the end, saying “Yes” to everything cost me so very much.

One person can only carry so much and when you reach that breaking point…well, you just break.  And I broke hard.  I descended into a deep pit of depression.  Who I was changed. No longer outgoing and full of life, I could find no joy and I felt like I had lost my way.

From that time and during my long season of recovery and healing I decided that I could not live life that way any longer.  Living overwhelmed was too costly and I was not willing to pay the price it demanded.

It wasn’t easy.  For anyone that has worked to break free from an overwhelmed life, or come back from debilitating depression or illness, you know that it’s a fight.

And I’ve made the choice to fight.  To fight for my self, for my family and for my faith.  But not to just fight for mediocre but to fight for better.

This blog is part of that journey.  Here I share with you practical ways to break free from the overwhelm. I share resources that have helped me in my journey and ones I believe will help you.  I also share the importance of self care and the deeper importance of breaking free from an overwhelmed life.

If you desire to break free from an overwhelmed life, then this blog is for you. I invite you to journey with me and together learn to live a life of purpose and passion.




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