All Natural Bug Spray That Works!

All Natural Bug Spray Simplified

I love summer.  The longer days. The nights filled with the sound of tree frogs, whippoorwills, and the blinking of fireflies.  I love lazy evenings around a campfire and walking hand in hand with my guy as we talk about the day.

But, there is one thing I DON’T love about summer.  The bugs.  Namely, the ones that bite.  I’ve lost count of how many summer nights we are driven indoors because the bugs have gotten so bad.  Or those times you just want to practically bathe in the campfire smoke just to keep the bugs at bay.

We always have bug spray on hand, but honestly, over the years I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the bug spray’s on the market.  Our skin so readily absorbs what we put on it and I can’t help but wonder about the kind of chemicals that are entering my body.

So when my friend shared her essential oil recipe for bug spray with me, I knew I had to give it a try.  She has been using it the past three years on her boys and swears by it.  The fact that she lives in Florida, where the bugs seem bigger and meaner (according to a fellow Floridan) made me even more curious to give it a try.

So last week I mixed up the simple recipe and made sure it was in my camping bag for Memorial Day weekend.  We would be spending four incredible days in God’s wonderful creation and I wanted to be ready.

Can I just tell you that after this weekend I am completely sold on this bug spray! No joke, not a single bug bite! I have never gone camping and not gotten bite at least once, if not multiple times.

So to say I believe in this stuff would be an understatement.

Maybe you’re looking for a bug spray alternative this summer too. Something safe, effective, and actually smells great (Really! I’m not kidding about that part either!) The other part I love? It’s safe for kids and adults alike! Most certainly a win in my book.

So here it is!

All Natural Bug Spray 

16 oz distilled water (so it doesn’t get moldy/mildew smelling)
16 drops lemongrass essential oil
8 drops peppermint essential oil
8 drops lavender essential oil
Pinch of salt

If you have a source for Essential Oils be sure to read the labels carefully. Not all essential oils are created equal. Many of the ones you will find in the retail stores or health food stores are labeled only for aromatherapy.  It is always, always wise to educate yourself before using and applying oils.  

If you don’t have a reliable source for essential oils, or not sure where to get started, feel free to contact me and I would be glad to share with you what I choose to use with my family.

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