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This past Christmas we made a number of our gifts.  One of the things I really wanted to make was a lip balm for each of my girls.  We love the Burt’s Bee lip balms but since we were on a tight budget I wanted to make the most of what we already had.

I was a little worried about making them since this was a first try, and honestly, seemed a bit daunting to me.  

I should not have been so worried, because while it took some coordinating, it was fairly easy.

Honey Lip Balm Recipe

3 Tablespoons. beeswax pellets or Beeswax block
3 tsp. Vitamin E oil
4 Tablespoons. coconut oil
3 Tablespoons. olive oil
20-24 drops essential oil or flavor oils

Combine all ingredients and heat until melted.  Once melted, dip the end of a spoon in the wax and let cool to check consistency.  If you would like it smoother, add extra oil or Shea butter. Once the proper consistency, use a syringe or cup with a spout to pour wax into containers. Once poured, let stand and cool.  Makes 16 + 1 oz tins or lip balm tubes


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Some of these ingredients I had in my cupboard, some of them I had to pick up at the store.  I chose to go with the Beeswax block versus the Beeswax pellets because it is a cheaper option.  I had the coconut and olive oil on hand and the vitamin E oil left from my Honey Face & Body Wash Recipe.  So they only thing I had to purchase was the Beeswax block and the tins to hold the lip balm.  You can also use standard lip balm tubes.

I purchased my beeswax block and tins from Health Nut Nutrition – a store local to us –  but you can also find Beeswax here and the Tins here.

This particular batch I made was not flavored at all.  However, you can add essential oils or flavor oils to your recipe to add flavor/scent.  Make sure that when you are choosing essential oils that they are safe to use on your skin.   I purchase all my essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils. Flavored oils can be found on etsy.

If you prefer a silkier lip balm you can reduce the amount of Beeswax or add some Shea butter.

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For ease of handling I put the ingredients in a small pourable glass bowl and then placed it in bowling water to help melt the wax down.  This allowed me to melt the wax but remove the dish easily when it was time to pour.  You can also melt the ingredients in the microwave – I simply found it easier to handle it this way.

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The KEY is to WORK QUICKLY once you start pouring.  The wax will start setting up right away.  Fill the tins to the top, let sit briefly and come back and fill in any low spots as the wax dries and settles. 

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Once you  have filled the tins, let cool and set up until firm.

That’s It!


Keeping It Simple,


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