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It asks a great question.  How would your life improve if you owned less stuff?  But it’s a question most of us don’t think of really asking, much less answering.  In our over-commercialized world we usually ask “How would my life be different if I had more stuff?”  A bigger house, a better car, more clothes, more shoes – simply more.  

It’s not that any one of those things in and of itself is bad. I’ve owned the bigger house, a better car, more clothes and nice shoes.  But they also come with a step price tag.  Not only monetarily but a price tag that requires you to “keep up with the Joneses.”

But guess what! 

“The Joneses are broke, living in debt and piled up credit they can’t pay for. Keeping up with the Joneses has just become highly over-rated.”

Keeping Up With The Joneses

So with that in mind, here are our goals for 2015:

  • Downsize our house – We are in the process of looking to relocate our family and farm.  When we do so, we plan to downsize our living space to only what we need.
  • Less Stuff:  The truth is that we can survive on a lot less than we think.  Personally, I much rather spend my time with family and adventures, then cleaning and dusting clutter.  Less stuff is not to be confused with still being prepared as a family in an emergency (More coming on that later).
  • Simplify our schedule – As a family of 6 it is easy to over-fill our schedule.  Right now, our family is going in a lot of different directions with work and other current responsibilities.  We want to take a hard look at everything on our plates – personally and corporately – and see what needs to go and what should stay.  What keeps us together versus the things that separate us.
  • More Family Time – This is linked closely to our schedule  – but with our kids growing so quickly, and knowing they will fly the nest in the next few years, we want to look for more opportunities for family time.
  • Debt Free For Life – This year we will continue to work at becoming debt free.  Debt is something that cripples and keeps us re-strained.  I think of the Proverb 22:7  that says “Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender.”  Our desire is to become debt free so that we can have more freedom as a family to go as God calls us and to bless as He leads us.

Not sure if simplifying is for you?  Here are 5 top benefits of owning less stuff:

  • Less Stress
  • Greater Financial Freedom
  • More time for Relationships
  • Slower Pace of Life
  • More time to pursue Hobbies

What benefits would you add to this list?  How would your life improve if you owned less stuff?  What is important to you in 2015 that a simpler life would allow you to pursue? 

Keeping it Simple,


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