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After five years we were still at a loss. Our oldest daughter continued to lose weight, continued to have intense moments of stomach pain and was often too fatigued to join in extra activities outside of school.
We had been to our round of doctors. “It’s just stress from moving”, “It’s just growing pains.” “It will go away over time.” The doctors were as baffled as we were and no easy answers were forthcoming. As a mom I just kept sensing something deeper was wrong. But even I was at a loss.

Finally, during her 6th grade year my daughter came to me and said, “Mom, can we please try just one more doctor?” So we set an appointment with a new pediatric doctor who had just come to our community. She approached my daughters care differently. She listened in depth to me, but especially to my daughter. Asking lots of questions of her and really seeking to understand both our concerns.
She could tell something was wrong. Our daughter was way too thin for her age and not increasing in weight like she should.  I will be forever thankful for that doctor and God leading us to her.

After working with us for about a month, she sent us to  a children’s gastro specialist in a neighboring town. At our initial visit, the specialist was blunt with us –“She is boarder line malnourished and it is imperative that we get this corrected. She needs to put on at least 15 pounds to get her out of the danger zone. Start working with her diet and these supplements while we work to figure this out.”

After 2 months of various test, our daughter was diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth). It was a relief to finally have some answers. She had too much good bacteria in the wrong places in her body. That bacteria was stripping the nutrition out of everything she was eating. As a result, she failed to gain weight.

Getting her body to eliminate the extra bacteria and restore her body to function correctly was going to mean an overhaul of her and our families diet. We would say good-bye to convenience and packaged food, and hello to whole and organically raised food. Good-bye to refined sugars and harsh additives.

The specialist recommended over-the-counter supplements to help balance out what she was lacking, along with a laxative. However, we figured out right away that the store brands were too harsh on her already fragile system.

That’s where Beeyoutiful came in. We had been introduced to this wellness company five years prior by a neighbor. We had come to love their supplements and health products and used them regularly in our home. We also loved the fact that this was a family run business. They knew their products and cared deeply for their customers. Anytime I had a question in the past, they were quick to respond to my query.


Here are the supplements and products our daughter used on her way to health and the current products we use as a family.
Beeyoutiful also have lots of free resources – articles, recipes, blog post and newsletters. All have been informative towards our health.
Following our daughters diagnoses, that next year we overhauled how we were eating, worked to reduce stress and re-evaluated how we were doing life. We helped our daughter stay consistent with her supplements, eating well and getting the rest her body was needing and craving.
Now three years later she is the picture of health and we are grateful for God’s healing touch, for our doctors and for the Beeyoutiful company.  If you are looking for a good source of quality supplements and health products we recommend Beeyoutiful highly.
If you have any questions about our experience you can send me a message HERE or post a comment below.
How have you worked to simplify your health? 
Keeping It Simple,

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