Clean Out A Drawer – Week #8

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WELCOME!  I am so glad you are here.  Every Wednesday I will be sharing (1) tip to help inspire you to lead a simpler life.  It won’t be anything hard or something I haven’t tried myself.  Living a simple life is a conscious choice made up of small steps every day.  So here is our small step for today.

Week #8 – Clean Out A Drawer

That’s it! One drawer.  Actually, I challenge you to clean out your junk drawer.  Everyone has them.  It’s the place we throw things when we don’t know what to do with them.

Actually, cleaning out the junk drawer was one of the first steps I made when we started to de-clutter and simplify.  There was something about taking the items in the drawer and making a decision about what to do with them.  If you really want to get serious about cleaning out the clutter you have to be willing to make the decisions, the easy and hard ones.

Once you finish with the junk drawer I challenge you to pick another drawer or closet.  It may feel slow, but Rome wasn’t conquered in a day.  Slow and steady progress is the key. 


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