Letting the Important fall for the More Important

The MORE Important

Ok – being transparent and honest here with my tribe. I am completely exhausted!

Our family is in the final count-down stretch of our moving and relocating. We are T-Minus 10 days and counting and this week I have been a sorting, cleaning, de-cluttering, simplifying, packing, trash-hauling machine.

As I was wrapping a few things up this yesterday evening, I realized I never got my Simply Inspired Wednesday Post & Link up ready for today.   Can I just be honest and say that,  yes, I groaned inwardly because all I wanted to do was go sit down, spend time with my girls and some time talking with my husband.

So, while this place and space matter to me, there is something that matters to me more – My Family.  I know that, you know that.  It’s not easy but often necessary. 

Sometimes the best thing we can do in life is STOP.  Stop, even if it means something falls to the side.

So, last night that is what I choose to do.  To stop and go spend time on the most important thing to me and where I was needed the most.

That means there will be no Simply Inspired Wednesday today.

But that’s ok because I know you – my tribe – are awesome at extending grace, and for that I am thankful.

So this is my question to you today.  Is it time for YOU to STOP?  Stop and let the important fall away for the more important?

I hope so, but no worries…you are not taking that step alone. I’m walking it right beside you.  So go ahead! I dare you to STOP!



What do you need to STOP and set aside? What is that “more important ” in your life? 

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  1. Heather @ Never Lacking Zeal
    Heather @ Never Lacking Zeal says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that. I need to be reminded sometimes to just STOP. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately with a lot of different things going on, pulling me in too many directions. I need to let a few things go and just focus on what’s truly important. I think you and I could be real good friends. 🙂


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