Give The Benefit of the Doubt (Week #13)

Benefit of the doubt

WELCOME!  I am so glad you are here.  Every Wednesday I will be sharing (1) tip to help inspire you to lead a simpler life.  It won’t be anything hard or something I haven’t tried myself.  Living a simple life is a conscious choice made up of small steps every day.  So here is our small step for today.

 Week #13 – Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

Maybe you wonder how this week’s tip is part of a simple life.   How does giving someone the benefit of the doubt fit?

It’s a great question and one I don’t think we ask often enough.  Let me explain.

Relationships are a part of life and because they are a part of life, they can become complicated and overwhelming just like anything else.  When we work to simplify our life in this area, it’s not about eliminating relationships but working at being healthy in them.

This week’s tip only touches on the tip of the “relationship” iceberg, but I think it’s a good place to start. Read more