When Simplifying Life Isn’t Simple & 4 Ways To Jumpstart The Process

When Simplifying Life Isn't Simple & 4 Ways To Jumpstart The Process

Ironic isn’t it?  The fact that getting our lives to a simplified state is not exactly simple.  Often, it’s anything but simple. It can feel complicated, messy and overwhelming.

A few weeks ago I received a comment from a reader , responding to the post about our family living in my parents basement temporarily during our transition.  After editing out his colorful use of language, the comment came out something like this: “How in the world is that simple? Moving from one home, becoming landlords, disrupting the parents life and then moving into another house. Seriously! How is that simple?” 

I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly!  The process of simplifying our lives is not simple.  Actually, it’s the complete opposite.  It’s hard work, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Read more

Go on an Adventure – Week 12

Simply Inspired Adventure week 12

WELCOME!  I am so glad you are here.  Every Wednesday I will be sharing (1) tip to help inspire you to lead a simpler life.  It won’t be anything hard or something I haven’t tried myself.  Living a simple life is a conscious choice made up of small steps every day.  So here is our small step for today.

Week #12 – Go On an Adventure

So often we believe that to take on a true adventure we must travel somewhere exotic, be on vacation or have tons of money.

Honestly, I believe an adventure can be as close as the nearest hiking trail, the neighborhood park or the impromptu day trip to the local lake.  Too often we over-complicate things and in doing so, miss out on some incredible times with friends and family.

This past weekend our family needed some downtime. In the midst of our sorting, packing, school teaching, softball running schedule – our family needed a break.  We needed an adventure! Read more

Fresh Strawberry Ice Dessert Drink

Strawberry Dessert Drink W logo

This morning our daughter Rachel made up a batch of this delicious, but simple, dessert to enjoy with our breakfast.  It can be made with almost any fruit, though strawberries are a favorite choice for our family. Honestly, I’m not sure if I should call it a drink or a dessert.  Maybe we will just call it both since you drink it like a smoothie but it fits more in line with a sweet treat/dessert.

This would be an ideal treat during the warm months of summer and a great way to top off a meal. I know we will be having more of this, especially since strawberry season is just around the corner.  We have some great strawberry farms around here – This Farm is where we usually go to pick our own strawberries in the spring.  There is nothing like truly fresh strawberries. Read more