A Simplified Life Is Not Always A Homesteading Life & Our Families Continuing Journey

Homesteading Life with LogoOften I think we make the assumption that a simplified life means a homesteading life.  While homesteading can lead to a simplified life, it doesn’t mean that pursuing a simplified life must lead to a homesteading life.

Learning to lead a simplified life is all about a conscious choice to live with less. Period.  It doesn’t matter if you have 100 acres, 5 acres or live in the suburbs or the heart of the city – you can lead a simplified life by making a conscious choice to do so.

For our family, we happen to already live on a farm, so part of simplifying life for us encompasses our homesteading choices.

However, it doesn’t make it easier to lead a simplified life.  I know plenty of homesteaders who’s life is anything but simple.  Read more

Simplified Office: The Basics

Simplified Office Series Post 1 w logoBack Office =The physical or virtual office in which the administrative work of a business is carried out.

Can we be honest and say that most people hate dealing with the back office portion of their business.

Part of the issue is that we often view back office work as only dealing with annoying administrative tasks, but the truth is, the back office is what runs your business.  

Think of it like this: The back office is the engine (the guts) to your car.  It is what makes the car run.  The better you take care of the engine, the better performing your car will be.

Two Cars w logo

Time after time I have worked with clients who, for one reason or another, failed to tend to the engine of their business from the beginning.  What resulted, was wasted time and energy looking for needed information, that was not in the right place or useful at the right time.   The resulting mess required hours, weeks and sometimes months of clean up. Read more