Natural Dry Scalp Repair Recipe (Simplified Friday’s)

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Good Friday Morning! Welcome to another week of Simplified Friday’s. 

Can I be honest and say that I am so glad we are finally at the end of March.  This was one of those strange winters where we had plenty of cold but no snow until the beginning of March, at which point we got hammered by two back to back storms.  Of course, nothing like what the Northern states experienced this year, but it has felt like this winter will never end.

I don’t know about you but the winters are always a bit rough on my skin and my hair.  I have fairly dry hair anyway, and the blast of winter makes it that much worse.  Over the years I have spent money on lotions and hair products that I hoped would help add back in the moisture my hair and skin craved.  Sometimes they worked, but a lot of times they didn’t.  Sometimes they only served to dry my skin and hair out even more. Read more

Natural Lemon Hand Scrub {Simplified Friday’s}

Natural Sugar Scrub w logo and embelishmentGood Friday Morning! Welcome to another week of Simplified Friday’s.  It’s hard to believe that this is the last Friday of February.  Around here, we still have snow laying on the ground but the promise of spring is not too far behind.  Just the other day (before the snow started to fly) I noticed that my daffodil bulbs were pushing through the ground.

But no matter where you are, I have a recipe to share today that can be enjoyed no matter the weather or time of the year. 

I love this scrub for a number of different reasons: Read more