What started out as a fairly normal week at the Mininger household, quickly became upside down and sideways when the hubby injured his foot playing ball this week.  

After several hours in the ER and a trip to the Orthopedic, he’s still hobbling around on crutches and somewhat limited in his activities.  Time will tell if he will need surgery to repair the damage.

Until then life goes on and we make adjustments along the way. 

Usually I publish a new blog post on Wednesday, but with the ER visit and an unexpected injury, the post was moved to the back burner.

Victoria and Brian Simplified Life

But it was ok because I knew that the most important place to be was beside my guy.  While I love this space and this work, my family and my husband ultimately come first.  And I know you get that. That’s why I appreciate the tribe of readers here at the Simplified Life.  We talk often about the need to slow down, create space and margin and focus on what matters most to us.

So thank you for your grace as I tended to my family this week.

This next week I will be bringing you the post that was meant for this past week. Ironically we’re talking about Life Planning and how essential it is and life giving it can be for guiding those major life decisions and when the un-expected happens.

Case in point, my life plan allowed me to quickly make the decision, without guilt or second guessing,  where my priorities needed to be this week when it came to my husband and family.  It may seem that it would be a no-brainer but the reality is that the unexpected can leave us feeling discombobulated (yes, it’s a word) and out of sync.

But more on that next week.  For now, here are my favorite and inspired reads from this past week.  So grab a cup of coffee or a steaming cup of tea, kick up your feet and enjoy.

Feel free to leave a comment below if any of these resonated with you. Love to hear your thoughts. 

Keeping It Simple,


This Weeks Inspired Reads 

4 Tips For New Runners –  Liz @I Heart Vegetables with Guest Blogger – Hollie 

“To be honest, starting to run can be both overwhelming and confusing.  Where do you start? What do you do?  How much running is too much or even too little?

When Roadside Wildflowers Are Essential To Your Soul – Tsh Oxenreider

“I’m learning that I’m a deep-diver of things. I get into a book, and you won’t see me for three solid days until I’m done. Recommend a TV show on Netflix? I’ll wait until I have nothing on the calendar for two weeks, because once I start, it’s all I can do to not watch every episode and forget to feed my kids.”

Resource Alert:

Maximize Your Mornings – by Kat Lee – “All about creating a life giving morning routine.”

I loved this ebook by Kat Lee and went through it about 2 years ago when I was working to get myself on a better routine so that I could be more productive and utilize my time better.  If your ready to maximize your mornings you will want to check out this Free Resource. 

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